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And this is what happens when a masterfully crafted katana collides with a masterfully crafted longsword.

Suck it, katana


suck my fuckin’ diiiick

Aren’t katanas and longswords made for different overall purposes tho

Katanas are slasher weapons made for cutting masterfully through human flesh so obviously it’s not gonna get through a fucking longsword which is really fucking thick and heavy and made for beating the shit out of people as well as hacking at armour

A katana would slice the shit out of you guys so idk what the fuck you’re so smug about


did a strider make that paragraph?

Both weapons have their respective power. Over all, the katanna’s folding steel process does make it stronger than other weapons of it’s size and thickness, however longswords are indeed thicker and, as stated in the paragraph above, were meant with different things in mind. The plate armor you found in european medieval times was indeed in many cases stronger than most japanese armors of the same time period due to materials used. Japanese used wood, leather, and other materials (though often reinforced with some metals) where as european metal armor was just solid metal. The fact is that neither sword is better. Both have their own uses and are both capable of fucking you up hardcore. So the fact there was ever a fight over which was superior is ridiculous. 

And let’s not forget about the entire martial arts repertoire that comes with fighting a samurai.  Many (although not all) people using longswords depended on it’s size and, as demonstrated above, thickness to overwhelm opponents when they were lacking in martial skill.  Samurai were honed warriors.  Overall message: don’t fuck with the Japanese.

A break in a katana is no big deal tho. If it breaks its not going to fall apart so you can still use it. A broadsword cracks- instant jigsaw puzzle.
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